We’ve got this!

We've got this!

More then looking at your FICO score, we look at your ability to pay, how much you owe versus how much your income is and how we can get you into a home that you can afford.

Parks are very adverse to people who have criminal backgrounds and evictions so is a challenge if you have such a background. However, an explaination may help in that situation.

  1. Fill in our (What I Want Form)
  2. View available homes
  3. Fill out our financial application form.
  4. Put down deposit on home and apply for park approval.
  5. Once approved, usually within 72 hours, you will be responsible for getting insurance on the home, having utilities changed in to your name, park rent has been paid, we have a simple closing on your home where simple documents are signed and congratulations! You can move into your new home.Need to send us Documents? Send them below!