Investment Opportunity

An investment you can feel good about!

The fact is that demand is soaring for senior living. Baby boomers are turning 65 faster and need a place to retire. We have beautiful affordable housing for them in nice 55+ Communities with all the amenities for a great retirement.

Families and veterans need affordable housing all the time. There is a shortage of homes in this country for those on fixed incomes who have fought in our wars and who have given up their lives for our country.

There’s nothing like the feeling of helping those in need to live better and feel better about themselves and their families.

Most of us are blessed to be able to afford beautiful homes and a lifestyle that others can only dream of, by helping them have better lives, we get to make a nice chunk of money while doing the right thing.

Support this country’s seniors, families and veterans by sponsoring a home and you won’t regret it. You will be the lien holder on the mobile home that they will live in and if for some reason that they default on the payments, we simply foreclose on the loan and sell the home to another.

You are invited to join an elite club of investors who help seniors, veterans and families throughout Arizona live better, more affordably and with pride of owning their own home on a budget.

Enjoy the benefits of investing in affordable living homes in parks with a Annualized Projected Rates of Return well above marketContact Us for details.

Let me explain:

Our model is simple and it not only helps others but it helps our investors make money as well.

How it works:

We purchase used mobile homes in family and over 55 park communities, put some work into them and seller finance them to folks who otherwise could not afford to buy a home because:

1. banks won’t lend on homes under $75,000, because its not worth the paperwork for them. Really? Well it is for us!            

2. these buyers may not have perfect credit but they absolutely have the ability to pay.

3. they take care of their homes because it’s theirs. they have pride of ownership which is much different then if you had a renter in the home.

4. mobile homes are considered personal property and not real property, however you are placed in first position on the title as the lien holder.

5. the note for the home can be from 3 to up to 10 years and if they for some reason default on the loan, then we foreclose, get another buyer and begin the process again.

Contact Us today for more information on investing in affordable housing for seniors, veterans and families who need help.