Information for Potential Buyers

Information for Potential Buyers

We’ve got this!

WIN Mobile Homes wants you to feel comfortable in your next home, and that means reducing your financial burden.  More than just glancing at your FICO score, we will study your ability to pay versus how much you owe.  We want your home—and your loan—to be a perfect fit for your needs.  


Start by completing the form below.  Then look at our list of properties for sale.  Fill out a Financial Application.  Send us your down payment and apply for park approval. Once approved, usually within 72 hours, you will be responsible for buying homeowners insurance and establishing the utilities in your name.  Your monthly payment already will include lot rent.  Closings are simple, and in no time, congratulations!  The home is yours!

(Don’t let an eviction or a criminal conviction deter you from applying.  Sometimes explaining your particular circumstances will be sufficient for the park to approve your application.) 

WIN Mobile Homes wants to find YOUR perfect home!  Just tell us what you’re looking for, and you’ll receive weekly updates of properties as they become available.