How It Works!

How This Works!

We've Got You

  1. Fill in our (quick info form)
  2. View available homes
    We have a lock box on the front door so you can view the home anytime at your own convenience. To walk-through the home, you will first need to fill out the (quick info form) then text a picture ID to (480) 923-6456. We will text you to release the lock box code within 24 hours.
  3. Get Park Approved:
    You must qualify to live in the park community. Typically the process includes a background check, credit check and proof of income. Approval usually takes 48 to 72 working hours.
  4. Get Financing approved:
    Once you have viewed the home and are interested in purchasing it,  get approved by us to make monthly payments on the home will our NO BANKS financing program.It’s a simple process and there is an online application or you can pick up an application in the home that you are viewing, to verify your background, credit check and proof of income. CLICK HERE TO APPLY!
  5. Moving In:
    In order to own and close on the home, we will have a simple meetup at the home where you will need to have the
    down payment required in the form of a cashiers check, next you’ll need the first months lot rent (pro-rated), next you’ll need to get an insurance policy and also have the utilities transferred to you and you’ll fill out our purchase agreement, and then (congratulations!) you can move into your new home.

    To discuss becoming a homeowner or if you have any other questions please call us or send us an email. Contact Us

  6. Need to send us Forms? Send them on the form below!