Win Mobile Homes

About Us

Here at Win Mobile Homes LLC, we bring a combine decades of experience in real estate investing and bringing affordable homes to families and those who have less then perfect credit, but who have the ability to pay and take pride in a home of their own. We offer affordable financing with a rent to own model to help those who cannot afford to purchase a home for a large lump sum of money with a down payment.

Michelle Reynolds

Senior Project

Michelle has been a real estate investor and small business entrepreneur for many decades.

She has fix and flipped properties, has wholesaled residential properties, built and operated both brick and mortar businesses as well as online businesses.

Over the years, Michelle has successfully started and ran mastermind groups that have helped entrepreneurs around the world who continually run and operate multi million dollar businesses.

Michelle and her husband Frank met and married on Long Island, New York and moved to Arizona in 2004.

Helping people to find affordable homes has become Michelle’s mission, whether it be a retiree who needs to live comfortably on a senior’s income or a family who cannot be approved by big banks for a nice home to settle in and grow their families.

James Guajardo


James has acquired and sold over 1,100 properties nationally over the last 5 years approximately $82 Million in revenue.
Currently he has 18 rehab properties in process and is currently credentialed with the following:

  • President- Wealth Investor Network
  • Fund Manager – Win Opportunity
  • Fund President – Win Capital
  • Managing Partner – Win Builders
  • Partner – Win Mobile Homes

Talk Show Radio Host: KFNN Financial Radio

National Speaker IMN – Institutional Finance and Investment Conferences Speaker and Moderator with active discussions on National Real Estate Investing.

Current Lead Mentor for the Wealth Investor Network


Alden Guajardo

V-President of Sales/Marketing